Our insights will drive the results of your collaborative divorce.


The driving force behind RED mediation is Marleen Murray. Married herself and with two children she understands the highs and lows that come with a relationship. After working for a decade as a law specialist at international organizations, she decided to tap into her people skills to be the impartial side in discussions, bringing people together even when emotions are set to do the opposite.

This quickly evolved into what RED mediation is today: a place where people come to collaboratively and constructively make plans to separate their ways.


As divorce mediators, we can provide all services required to officially separate under Dutch law. This includes the following activities:

  • Guidance of all the conversations;
  • Child support calculation;
  • Spousal maintenance calculation;
  • Creation of a Parental Plan;
  • Creation of Divorce Settlement Agreement;
  • Legal settlement of Court and Municipality.

At RED mediation we provide all of our services in both English and Dutch, including all written communication as well as official documentation which will need to be signed by parties and send to the courts.


If there are particular complexities blocking progress, we have a network at our disposal to connect with and check all legal, financial and fiscal consequences. These professionals vary from financial advisors to mortgage advisors, child advocates, fellow mediators, lawyers, notaries, divorce experts, tax specialists… We have carefully selected each of these specialists as they are the best in the market and share our core beliefs and values.

We are affiliated with the divorce expert, one of the leading organizations in the Netherlands providing divorce advice to divorce experts on all financial, fiscal and legal matters. We are also affiliated with the MfN; a quality register for which we meet their requirements and adhere to the rules of conduct. This also allows Red mediation to be registered at the Raad voor Rechtsbijstand (Council for Legal Aid) and allows us to provide our services with government funding when eligible. Finally we are also part of the NMV, a professional mediators’ association.

Your divorce will have effect on many loved ones. Respect is key.

There’s a lot to be taken care of and an overload of possibilities and requirements. While we focus on bringing peace and mutual understanding back during the divorce proceedings, you will be happy to know that our expertise has got you covered.

After our sessions and guidance, we will have built a plan together that fits you perfectly and holds up – financially, emotionally and legally. To be able to deliver high-quality output like this, we have gathered a network of specialists around us. With them at your side, there is no solution we can’t find.

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