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Our inclusive approach makes sure all parties involved get an unbiassed treatment.

3 steps of expat divorce mediation


You can contact us via the contact form, an e-mail, a Whatsapp or simply call.


While we focus on bringing the two of you to a perfect solution, you can take comfort in knowing that we don’t stop unless you feel comfortable with the arrangement.


A year after the divorce, we will contact you as it might be wise to arrange an aftercare meeting.

Expat divorce mediation

While it might sound contradictory, the first step of you ending your relationship is about getting closer to each other. Finding the common ground is vital, as it will be the starting point to build a foundation for separation. This will smoothen the process without emotions turning into frustrations. Let’s set a goal. Together.

Extra services

Let’s sit down for a cup of coffee, take a step back and look at the bigger picture. And most important, see it from the perspective of your ex-partner. We want to spark a new conversation and see if there’s room for improvement. Let’s make things better – together.

Nederlandse cliënten

Het klinkt misschien tegenstrijdig, maar de eerste stap van het beëindigen van jullie relatie is misschien wel het dichter tot elkaar komen. We beginnen met een gemeenschappelijke basis te vinden, om van daaruit de fundering te bouwen van jullie scheiding. Dit zal het proces soepeler laten verlopen – zonder dat emoties omslaan in frustraties.

Roadmap to a collaborative divorce

Ending your journey together is also the start of a journey.

Your divorce is the start of a new relationship with each other – though you are separated, you still are bound together. A year after the divorce, we will contact you as it might be wise to arrange an aftercare meeting. During this meeting, we can reflect on how the year went by and whether the agreements are working well in daily practice and should be continued or modified.

If the evaluation shows that specific matters might call for attention, we can make a follow-up appointment to get into the details. At RED mediation we want every party involved to be in harmony with how it all ended. Especially if you have children, there will always be moments when mutual respect is key. Let your divorce not be the end of things, but the start of something new.

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