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Is child support and partner alimony still up to par?

Is the agreement you made when you separated, still fair to both parties? Calculations done perhaps a while ago, might need to be revisited. Is an update for child support due? Is spousal support what it should be? Reasons for an audit may be that your family composition has changed, incomes have structurally increased or decreased, or your children have entered a new phase in their lives. RED mediation helps to guide these tricky conversations with an open and unbiased approach ready to listen to what you need to continue your lives separate from each other, yet still tethered by a single thread.

Let’s sit down for a cup of coffee, take a step back and look at the bigger picture. And also important, can you also see it from the perspective of your ex-partner? We want to spark a new conversation and see if there’s room for improvement. Let’s make things better – together.

Updated parenting plan

Be nothing less than the best parent you can possibly be

The most emotional part of separating is undoubtably child care. It’s also the single most important element that will always tie you together. So having a plan that works, is worthy of your full attention – not just now, but regularly. There are many separations where a parenting plan was never created– which is often an issue when parents start to have serious disagreements which affects the welfare of the children. Parents end up in Court where the first question a Judge will ask is: where is the legally mandatory parenting plan?

So wether or not you currently have a parenting plan in place, today may be as good a time as ever to create or update your arrangements for child care. At RED mediation, we advise to always have these conversations supervised. This allows you to focus on the co-parent relationship and we will make sure all needs and viewpoints are heard. What does still work? What do you want the other to change? What can you change to meet your partner’s needs?

Finding a place for emotions while keeping discussions rational, will help you in creating a sound parenting plan. Together, we establish the outlines on how you and your ex- partner can continue co-parenting your children, effectively and most of all: lovingly.

Remaining in a good place. We have extra services and expertise to help.

In The Netherlands, it’s required for your car to have an annual check-up. Why not do the same for your divorce agreement? Is it still running as smoothly as intended? Are we still in the right gear? Regular maintenance is the solution to prevent things turning sour.

Being reasonable. Two magic words when it comes to creating a successful separation plan. Yet after a while, even the best plan can get diluted. Discussion turns to frustration. RED mediation has the expertise to keep you from this.

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