There is no one-sided approach for your divorce.

Expat divorce mediation

While it might sound contradictory, the first step of you ending your relationship is about getting closer to each other. Finding the common ground is vital, as it will be the starting point to build a foundation for separation. This will smoothen the process without emotions turning into frustrations. Let’s set a goal. Together.

When expectations are clear, we can look at things rationally. We help you to make temporary arrangements; such as where will the children be staying and how are you going to tell them. There are more variables to take into account than you would think of at first. We guide you to a path free of the minor troubles as well as the major issues.

Mediation should never be an ‘off the rack’ agreement. You deserve more than that. As does everyone else involved.

A fair alimony

Setting a reasonable amount for alimony is a sensitive process, often burdened with heavy emotions. In a mine field, you want someone with a metal detector. Because there will be different points of view, you want someone with an overview, able to balance the requests of both sides in all fairness. You want RED mediation. We weigh the situation and the expectations from both perspectives. Providing you with a roadmap that helps you to discuss in harmony what’s reasonable.

In the matter of alimony, it’s not uncommon for you and your ex-partner to have opposite viewpoints. Where one believes the other doesn’t deserve ‘that much’ as they did not contribute much to the family income, the other feels they ‘deserve’ more as they have put their career on hold. With alimony, we don’t believe in a simple wrong or right. We believe in balance – and that’s where we will guide you to.

Let’s focus on the future. Not on what has been said or done. The goal is financial stability after the divorce for both of you.

A parenting plan isn’t child’s play

Not unexpectedly, when it comes to a parenting plan, you are not the most important person. Nor is your partner. Your children are. No matter how young (or how old) they are, their interests come first. Which is probably where you want them to be.

Raising children comes with many challenges. When you are no longer together, things don’t get easier. From whom is where and when, to which situation in the unforeseeable future calls for collaborative decision-making. At RED mediation, we use an extensive questionnaire as the foundation for the parenting plan conversations. We anticipate on the many variables that can pop-up in the future and take you through those possible scenarios, so the first plan post divorce is one that you can both commit to.

You can trust us to remain unbiased. It’s not our role to be judge and jury, but to give you the tools and clearness to be that yourselves. After all, this is the first step of you becoming co-parents. It’s just a question of to which degree you are both willing to set aside personal differences. Harmonious collaboration between parents is always the best possible outcome for your children.

Taking care of you, means taking care of every little detail. Our large network of legal advisors is ready to help.

Besides your personal wishes, there are multiple factors in place that demand your divorce plan to be customized: multiple nationalities, living in a legal and tax system that is ever evolving, Dutch family law being sometimes uniquely complex… We have superior professionals in our network to make sure everything is in accordance with legislation.

When both you and your partner agree to a plan, it has to not only be fair and clear, but also respect the law and be future proof. At RED mediation we can help you with every step of the way and suggest alternatives that make for a smoother process.

A divorce can be an emotional process. While we focus on bringing the two of you to a perfect solution, you can take comfort in knowing that we don’t stop unless you feel comfortable with the arrangement. At the end of the day, your plan will be fair to you both (and in accordance with Dutch laws and regulations).

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